Pet Licenses

Pet tags are in for 2024. You may register your dog and/or cat at City Hall.
          2024 pet tag fees are as follows:
                    Spayed or neutered   $7.50          Non-altered pets      $15.00
          If you are a Senior Citizen (65 or older) the rates are:
                    Spayed or neutered   $3.75          Non-altered pets        $7.50

All tags are renewable in January and become delinquent starting February 1st each year.  There is an additional $5 penalty for each delinquent month.

All cats and dogs 6 months of age or older are to be registered within 30 days of residing in Belle Plaine.  The pit bull breed of dogs is not allowed within Benton County.

Per Belle Plaine Ordinance 55.09, the limit for dogs and cats at any one residence in the City is five (5) animals; not more than three (3) of those being dogs.
For any questions, please contact City Hall at 444-2200.